About Us


Belt Harris Pechacek, LLLP

Auditing Texas' governments with excellence.

We offer an unmatched combination of experience, quality, and value in the service to our clients. We provide public confidence and resources to help improve our clients. Public confidence that our clients’ financial statements are correct and that they have complied with relevant policies, laws, and regulations. After all, what good are numbers if no one believes them, and rules if no one follows them?

Our audits are, in part, designed to facilitate change to better our clients’ operations through:

  • Advice
  • Comments on Results
  • Fraud Prevention

Understandably, we are providing more than just a bound set of financial statements.

Because of our unyielding commitment to quality, we have consistently obtained the highest possible rating on our quality controls, in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Statements on Quality Control Standard. This can be attested to by our independent peer reviewer under the standards established by the Peer Review Board of the AICPA. In addition, we are among a select group of firms that are members of the AICPA’s Government Audit Quality Center.

With over one hundred years of combined professional experience, the members of our firm (see our team members) are vastly experienced at government and nonprofit audits, yet we remain both accessible and responsive to the individual needs of our clients. This cumulative knowledge of best practices also ensures we have the resources to help improve our clients. By focusing on the special needs of governments and nonprofits in the region, our audit team prides itself on its track record of ensuring prompt and professional service to our growing family of clients.


Where do homeless auditors live?
In Tax Shelters!