Government & Related

Our firm chooses to be great at one thing, auditing government and related entities in Texas! We are full-time Texas government auditors striving to be the best at what we do!

Why Just Texas?

First of all, the word “just” should never appear before the word “Texas”. Texas is big enough! We don’t want to be auditors for governments around the world, the United States, or some made up group of states to call ourselves the biggest in the region. We simply want to be the best firm at auditing governments in Texas.

Texas State statutes, in particular the Local Government Code, Property Tax Code, and Public Funds Investment Act, set the framework and knowing the inner workings of these laws is essential to understanding the core of the operations that we are auditing. Once you know Texas State statutes like the back of your hand, you have a good foundation for understanding government operations and their governance. There is simply too much to learn if you are an out of state auditor or you are not committed to auditing Texas governments full time.

What do you mean by “and related entities”?

We audit governments and “related entities”. There are some nonprofits that operate more like a government than nonprofit or which have a strong relationship with governmental entities. For example, charter schools follow many of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements as independent school districts and their operations are identical.

Are there any governments or government-like entities that you will not audit?

As a general rule, we do not audit governments with combined operating budgets less than $1,000,000, unless it is a startup operation or affiliated with another government. In addition, there are some governmental operations that historically have problems:

  • Housing Authorities
  • Emergency Service Districts