TEA Releases List of Audit Firms

The somewhat surprising statistic is that 79 firms perform 5 or fewer ISD audits, which represents 192 district and 19% of the total ISD audits performed.  Accordingly, a large number of ISD audits are performed with little economies of scale or industry focus.  That statistic is more alarming for charter schools as 40 of 55 charter school audit firms audit 5 or fewer charter schools, which represents 78 of the 169 charter schools or 46% of all charters being audited.

Belt Harris Pechacek’s goal is to be the best in Texas in auditing local governments, including ISDs, charter schools, and service centers.  While our goal is not to be the biggest, it is a point of pride at the number of boards and administrators who place their trust in our firm each year and allow us to do our part in helping to educate the youth of Texas.